Howdy! I'm new here!

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Howdy! I'm new here!

Postby ariannablove » Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:31 am

Good afternoon from where I'm at!

My name is Arianna. I am twenty years old. I am married and have a three-month-old daughter. I have been a fan of anime for almost as long as I can remember.
I actually can't remember who introduced me to anime, but Japanese culture has been a major influence in my family. My parents have both studied various forms of martial arts, as well as learning Japanese and reading Japanese poetry (Haiku and Death Poems). My father also studied Japanese sword fighting, some of my earliest memories are of him slicing soda bottles in half with his sword.

I didn't and don't have much access to watching mainstream anime often, so I usually watched lesser-known anime on Netflix. However, I am usually familiar with most mainstream anime and love to watch it when I can.

My favorites are:
Fullmetal Alchemist
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
Fairy Tail
One Punch Man

I am also a firm believer in Christianity. So sometimes finding anime that is appropriate for a Christian to watch and finding other strong Christians to share this love with can be difficult. So that is why I am so excited to have found this website. My hope is to be able to help collect reviews of animes so that parents and people who want to be careful of what they're watching can know what to expect from any given anime!

I can't wait to get know some of you!
:D :D :D :D
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Re: Howdy! I'm new here!

Postby shooraijin » Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:40 pm

Welcome, Arianna! It's nice to meet you.
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