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Postby Tenchi_Starwind » Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:57 pm

Hey everyone!

I stumbled upon this site right away after searching for the existence of a Christian/Anime online community. I'm thrilled to see that such a place actually exists and happy to see that there are many other Christian anime enthusiasts out there. After a while of looking around the site I decided to register.

So I suppose you can call me Tenchi_Starwind. The name references 2 of my most favorite animes (among several) that I was introduced to through Toonami as a child. Those shows being Tenchi Muyo and Outlaw Star...

I've always been a fan of anime and have lots of favorite shows. I don't think I ever found an anime I didn't like, theres just some I haven't watched or haven't really had the chance to check out. The last anime I just finished is Durarara, and I just started watching DurararaX2. Its awesome and I can't believe I waited so long to watch it.

The manga I'm currently reading is Manga Messiah. Its the best comic expression of the life of Jesus I've seen by far, or maybe I'm just more captivated by it because of its manga format. I could totally see it playing out as an anime so when I'm reading it I'm so interested I don't wanna put it down. I also found out they have 4 other manga adaptations of biblical stories from the same makers, so I'll be ordering them soon.

I haven't always been a Christian. I didn't grow up in church, nor around any influential Christians. Don't get me wrong, I always believed in God. Ever since I could remember I had this innate notion of their being a Divine Creator/ Higher-power. Its just while I was growing up I wasn't sure which paradigm was the correct one. This led to me doing "all kinds" of research as I got older. I looked into different religions, philosophies, traditions of magick, and all kinds of other stuff that would be considered "new age". One year my curiosities shifted back into the occult, but this time instead of just researching I wanted to experiment, I wanted to interact with a higher force. I had good intentions, I've always felt like I had a good heart, and I had decided that whatever I achieved I would use for good. Of course in things of this nature thats just how good-hearted individuals are seduced by the enemy of our souls.

Long story short, I found myself at a point where I didn't know if I needed a therapist or an exorcist. I knew it was because of my occult practices, and I knew I needed spiritual help, but didn't know where to go. I was also an alcoholic, a dependent on marijuana for 10+ years (I would have never admitted to either back then), and a user of other drugs. At this same time I was dealing with fornication, lust, and all kinds of sexual immorality. I felt like I was being consumed and close to losing myself. Then after a soul shaking experience that was more than a dream; I broke down, started praying, and cried out to God. There was this church down the street from where I grew up, it kept popping up in my mind, but I didnt know anything about it or anyone that went there. So I told God if He was trying to lead me there and I was meant to go there, than He and I both knew He would have to take me there somehow because I wouldn't go on my own. The next week I happen to be on vacation and while I was visiting my folks a group from that church came to the door passing out fliers and started talking to me...

Longer story short, I ended up going there and after a couple months gave my life to Christ, and I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life. I'm now a leader in my church; I'm over the prayer team, lead our prayer services, and will be teaching our spiritual leadership classes this year...

Some years ago I started going to anime conventions, but last year was the first time I went to a convention after becoming a Christian. I realized while surely there were Christians there, there weren't any making there presence pronounced. I saw homosexuals, trans-genders, and even satanists making there presence known; whether it was in groups, art displays, or booths and tables. It was after this that I started contemplating if there was some medium that could possibly incorporate Christianity, this led me to find the Manga Bible and Manga Messiah. So while I'm still in the planning process, its my hope to create a ministry that could reach out to other Christian anime enthusiasts and anyone else that can possibly be reached while attending the conventions. Anyone know of any ministry like this already existing?
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Re: Heyyy...

Postby Mullet Death » Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:18 am

Hey guy. Sorry the forums are dead and you aren't getting much response. But welcome anyway! Your story is interesting, although I can't say that I relate to most of it, having never had even the slightest interest in anything remotely related to the occult, for one thing. But anything related to lust and perversion always sounds horrifyingly familiar, and alcoholism and drug abuse are an image of what my life could have been even very recently, given only a few bad decisions. It's wonderful that hasn't been the end of your story. Although it's now used as nothing more than a secular swear, I will genuinely say Thank God that hasn't been the end for you.

I can't say I know of any anime convention Christian outreach or anything like that, although it may indeed exist already. Godspeed if you decide to pursue such a thing. There may be a few people here who might interested in volunteering for such a thing should it ever materialize and be within somewhat reasonable driving distance, including myself. Though personally I would have no interest in the missionary aspect of such work, given the fact that I'm guessing that you're not Catholic. I'm also, to be brutally honest, not interested in most other anime fans. I've seen their often hateful, ignorant, anti-religion, sexually immoral comments and beliefs elsewhere on the Internet and seen their views reflected within the anime medium itself. It turns me away from actively pursuing friendships from within the more general anime community. It's important to spread the Gospel to these people too, but that doesn't mean I'm necessarily fit for the front lines of this particular fight. The point is, I'd be interested in helping out in other ways, depending on how you go about things.

Anyway, よろしく。 Whatever you decide to do with the other stuff,hope you at least stay around for longer than the average lifespan of a newcomer around here. We need the posters.

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Re: Heyyy...

Postby IPv4 » Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:28 pm

I have never used drugs, unless maybe at the hospital once. Dont think they gave me drugs though.
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Re: Heyyy...

Postby Wolfsong » Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:00 am

Well, I want to welcome you to the party. Its kinda quieted down due to the vicious attack of the paperclips that forced everyone to flee for their lives, but most of that's been cleaned up and everyone's been slowly crawling their way back. Though those thrice-blasted paper clips do keep coming back every now and then so I dunno but we all make do anyway. It is home after all.
On a more serious note, I'm pleased to have read your story and more than happy you're doing so much better. I'm afraid I can't help you regarding the ministry but I most certainly wish you luck.
Welcome to CAA, the Christian Anime Asylum. I hope you enjoy your stay here ^-^
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Thank you. Have a good day.
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Re: Heyyy...

Postby Sheenar » Sat Feb 13, 2016 2:08 pm

Welcome! Glad you have joined us! Praise God for how He has worked in your life!

As for outreach at conventions, at the one convention I have done to, there was a church service on Sunday morning put on by Vic Micogna (spelling?) and a few others. Vic was the speaker and shared the Gospel message and a bit of his personal story. The room was packed. It was definitely powerful.

I know of other groups such as Fans for Christ and Geeks Under Grace who do some convention outreach as well.
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Re: Heyyy...

Postby MomentOfInertia » Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:51 am

Greetings verbose newcomer. o_o/
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Re: Heyyy...

Postby ClaecElric4God » Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:16 am

I realize the author of this post likely won't be back because it's been so long, but I feel a strong need to say thank you for your testimony. Reading it was a huge blessing to me. I hope you find your way back here and read this, and even if not, God bless you in your endeavors. I'm glad I got a chance to read this.
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Re: Heyyy...

Postby Tenchi_Starwind » Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:59 pm

So after almost a whole year I'm back. Thanks to everyone for all the welcome messages. After getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and trying to balance my spirituality at the same time, I had honestly forgot about this site. Then the other day while in the process of signing up for a Funimation account the name "Tenchi Starwind" popped into my head and I was like "where do I know that from, where have I used that before? Oh yeah, that one site" lol, and so I found my way back...

"Christian Anime Asylum" huh lol, I like that Wolfsong, thats a nice one...

Thanks Sheenar for letting me know about "Fans for Christ" and "Geeks Under Grace", I'm gonna have to check those out...

Hey ClaecElric4God! I'm glad my testimony could be a blessing to you! Thats really great to hear!...

As far as the ideas I mentioned last time, it hasn't happened yet, but the desire and the vision is still present. I believe it'll happen on God's time. Don't know to what extent it'll manifest, but at the very least I would like to have a booth or table and make mediums such as the Manga Bible, Manga Messiah, and the other biblical manga issues in the series available, along with maybe some Christian tees, and also offer prayer to people. I'm not in any rush, contemplation on my part and revelation from God is needed to show me and discern the best possible way of carrying something like this out. In the meantime, I have other ideas and visions I'm currently working on...
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