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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:02 pm
by goldenspines
It's sad that it's only now I notice we somehow lost our list of forum rules after the upgrade.
So, until we can figure out a nice, happy place for the rules to fit, they will be in this thread. Just because they currently do not have a permanent home on the forum layout DOES NOT mean they should not be followed.
While most of you know the rules of the forum already, this will be mainly for the benefit of new members.


(please read carefully and thoughtfully!)


Flaming and trolling
Flaming is defined as a personal attack on another CAA member. Trolling is deliberately posting controversial material in order to stir up strife. Both types of behavior are destructive to the community and are therefore not tolerated.

Offensive language, images or links have no place on a Christian forum and will therefore not be tolerated here.

Posting of illicit or inappropriate links, even in the attitude of warning others, is not permitted. Furthermore, for liability reasons, the policy of CAA is no links to sites hosting or supporting fansubs/scanlations on the forums. You may not ask for them or give them except via PM. Copyright law applies regardless of if the series has been licensed in the United States or your native country.

If you are going to post spoilers, please use spoiler brackets. Instructions on how to use spoiler brackets can be found in the FAQ section below.

CAA is an anime board, not a singles board. If you spend all your time flirting, your account will be suspended. If the administration receives complaints about excessive flirting, whether on the main board or in the chat, appropriate action will be taken.

Promotion and advertising
You are free to promote your own website in the Links section. However, commercial advertising is not permitted on these forums and will be dealt with accordingly. We ask that you do not post about any material or goods you may be selling, such as links for eBay auctions, Yahoo auctions, xanga listings, cafepress areas or other providers of print material.

Personal information
Do not solicit personal information on board. If we find you are seeking said information, such as home address, telephone number, etc., for any reason, this is grounds for banning.


If you feel like spamming, do it in the Goof Off forum. Please do not post in a disruptive manner. This includes replying to your own threads repeatedly, flooding a forum with new threads, or having a particularly long signature. Spam also includes re-using the same "canned post" repeatedly on different threads, or cross-posting over different forums. Depending on the extent, we may edit or delete your posts, edit or blank your signature, or temp-ban you.

Gravedigging is the act of posting on threads that have not been touched in a long time. This is usually discouraged. In general, if it's been several months or a year since a thread was last active, you shouldn't post to it unless you have something new and interesting to say. Digging up a year-old thread just to say "I agree with this" is irritating, but if you have news like "This series was just released streaming legally" it's probably fine, unless the thread is much older (two or three years). If you feel like a thread is too old, don't be afraid to start a new thread about the subject. That said, older members should be tolerant both of moderate gravedigging and of creating new threads.

--Topics of Discussion--

Political threads and posts will be closed if posted. Politics has nothing to do with Christianity or anime, our two primary topics, and furthermore only causes opportunity for division within our community. In short, there's simply no positive purpose for them here.

Discussions of theology have not been allowed due to their propensity for turning into fights. Questions about spiritual issues are fine for the time being, though.

Adult material
Threads discussing anime, manga, or games that are not suitable for teenagers should be marked with [MA TITLE] at the front of their title, as a warning for younger members. If such titles are discussed in other threads it is the responsibility of the person talking about it to provide a warning. Titles that are clearly pornographic or hentai may not be discussed at all.

"Do not Discuss" titles
Certain titles have been known to cause quarrels on the board due to their controversial nature. Simple mention of these titles is okay, but in-depth discussion should be avoided. See this thread for the list: Do Not Discuss Titles


Multiple accounts
Multiple accounts are forbidden on these forums. We periodically check the logs and can generally spot multiple accounts fairly easily. If you are found out, your accounts may be disabled and a ban issued on your IP address.

Signature images
CAA does not allow sig images which are wider than 500px or taller than 100px. This is to prevent the web display from being "broken". Users with excessively long signatures will automatically have their signatures placed into a scroll box. Consider joining "MOES" (search for it) if you would like assistance with your signature.

(FAQ to follow shortly after this initial post. If you see any inconsistencies in this thread (links not working, etc.) Private Message me, do not post it in this thread. Thank you.)


PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:21 pm
by goldenspines
--Frequently Asked Questions--


Why aren't my posts appearing?
In order to cut down on ad bots, new users are monitored and suspicious posts are filtered pending moderator approval. If you are a new member and your posts seem to disappear, do not repeatedly submit – most likely your post will be accepted within a few hours and you will be on your way to becoming a regular member. Just be patient overall and it will soon wear off.

Why can't I edit my posts?
For archival reasons, posts made more than 2 days ago cannot be edited (this limit has recently been increased from 1 day).

Why isn't the chat working?
Most likely, you are using the wrong skin. Go to User CP, select Edit Options, and make sure you are on “New CAA” (the menu is near the bottom of that page). The chat is not functional with old skins. There are additional requirements for new members, so participate longer if you have joined recently.

How do we post as anonymous?
You can post anonymously by signing out and posting as a guest. Of course, not all forums are open for posting or viewing if you aren't logged in, but if you needed to make an anonymous prayer request or something, just post as a guest instead. (Goldy note: I actually don't know if you can still do this after the upgrade.)

Why do some new(er) members not show up in the members list?
In order to keep the list relatively clean, members with post counts of less than 25 do not appear in the formal list.

What does the + after someone's name on the active list means?
It means that member is on your “Buddy” list. You can add someone to your Buddy list by going to their profile and clicking "Add _______ to your Buddy List". (Goldy note: This might still work somewhat? But it has a different layout. I don't really use it so I don't know. :< )

How do we do multi-quotes?
Click the button with the quotation mark and the plus sign on each post you want to quote, and then hit "quote" once you've clicked them all. That puts everything you need into a quote for you, so you have less to copy/paste! (Goldy note: You can't do this method anymore, refer to the alternative and avoid double posting!)


[quote="username"*]You can also type the code directly, which I find more convenient.[/quote] (without the *)

How do I add Spoiler tags?
[spoiler*] spoiler text here [/spoiler] (without the *)

What does “OP” stand for?
“Opening Post” or “Opening Poster”

How do you attach more than one attachment in a post?
You can attach a maximum of three things to a post; you just have to upload the first picture, which will open the box for a second a third picture to be uploaded.

How old is too old for gravedigging?
Generally, older than 3 months is too old to post in most threads, unless you have something more to add beyond such posts as "I agree" or simply restating what someone already said.

Can someone define 'troll' for me?
A troublemaker who wastes everyone's time or someone who only joins to break the forum rules. We had a great thread to define this, but I can't find it and my link's not working.

Who are the moderators/administrators?
Administrators have usernames in red; moderators have usernames in blue.

Can I be a mod?
Moderators are chosen by the staff when the workload becomes too heavy for the current group. These are chosen from the members without any kind of request process.


(Goldy's Note: The Reviews System is currently not working properly. But when it does get fixed, be certain I will be the first to let you all know because I will be super happy.)

I suggested a title for the Ratings/Reviews section, why is it not listed yet?
All suggestions need to be approved by CAA staff to avoid duplicates and ensure accuracy. Be patient and we will get to it as soon as we can.

Can I review [series title]?
Definitely. Go to the "Reviews" section on the site and find the title you wish to review and click on "Add your own Rating/Review of this Title" at the main page of the title.

I want to know the content of [series title], but it's not listed in the Reviews. OR I want to know the content of [series title] but it doesn't have a review yet.
If there is not a title in our Review database, please take an opportunity to "Suggest a Title" in the Reviews section


Message goldenspines asking for a certain title to be reviewed if it doesn't have a rating/review already.

--Anime and Manga--

Why is discussion of some series or subjects not permitted?
Over the course of CAA’s history, certain titles have caused repeated problems. For whatever reason, it seems impossible to have a serious discussion about them without the thread devolving into a pointless argument. When a title repeatedly causes these problems, it is judged that it is better to avoid it altogether. This does not mean that CAA considers it a bad series or that any image/mention of it will result in banning.

For a list of these titles, please see the DND (Do Not Discuss) thread: DnD List

For clarity, on CAA we do not allow the discussion of hentai, yaoi, and yuri titles.

Where can I find fansubs or scanlations?
No links to sites hosting or supporting fansubs/scanlations are permitted on the forums. You may not ask for them or give them on the forum either. Copyright law applies regardless of if the series has been licensed in the United States or your native country.

Is there any Christian anime?
There are a few! Please see this thread for more details: Christian Anime Information

Where can I find Anime/Manga recommendations?
Anime Recommendations Thread
Manga Recommendations Thread

--Member Happiness--

Are there any plans at the moment/in the near future to re-introduce the Devotions as a permanent fixture?
Not at the moment, and mostly because of a lack of suitable personnel. I don't know of any "lay people" so to speak (i.e. CAAers who aren't staff) who are interested, and the theologically trained staffers are pretty busy. But if anyone is interested in starting this up again, I would suggest you PM me with your ideas, a sample devotional, and perhaps also a statement of faith (like, which denomination are you, your basic points of theology, etc.).

But, when there's a problem or argument in chat...What should users do?
Honestly, the best thing to do is to try to keep things civil. Disagreements and arguments are a part of life, and they can flare up much faster in the chat than they do on the boards. Still, there's no excuse for disrespect and mudslinging amongst members. If no one listens to your attempts to make peace and there isn't already a mod present, then quietly back down and leave the chat until the air has cleared. Using your best judgment as to whether or not the situation ought to be noted (not every argument does, but if the situation got more intense and CAA's rules were broken), Private Message (PM) a mod with information and possibly a log of what happened. If we think the problem is serious enough, we can take it from there!

Why do posts in Goof Off not count towards one's post count?
All threads in Goof Off are subject to deletion. This is also the same with the Role-playing Forum.

Why is discussion of politics and theology not allowed?
There are many places on the internet where you can discuss politics or theology. CAA is not one of them. These rules are designed to avoid unnecessary and divisive bickering on these subjects, not condemn them entirely. So long as everyone remains civil, there is nothing wrong with threads about spiritual issues or a law concerning anime. When the subject will clearly be contentious along political or denominational lines, however, it should be avoided.


--Dictionary of Terms--

The terms below are words/phrases you are likely to come across as you browse this website. Please note that some of these terms may be archaic. We include them here for consistencies sake. Also note that some of the uses may not necessarily track how they are used on other sites.

AMV - Anime Music Video. Typically combines footage from one or more anime with music to convey a certain theme. The reader is encouraged to search Youtube for a practically unending supply of examples.
Anime - Anime is the Japanese word for animation. Many are Japanese cartoons, ranging between 30 to 60 minutes in length and episodic (meaning they’re like American television shows). There are also full-length movies. Anime can range from G-rated children's shows to basically animated pornography.
Bishoujo - means "pretty girls." Basically, any show that features cute females.
Bishounen - means "pretty boy." Occasionally abbreviated as "bishi." Basically, any show that features cute males, but the term "bishi" frequently refers to a specific cute male character.
Chibi - When the artists depicts a character in a smaller, usually cuter version than their regular appearance. Bigger heads, larger eyes, shorter torsoes and legs. Usually used in humorous situation or to make a situation funny.
Cosplay - Short for Costume play. When fans (usually at a convention) dress up as an anime or video game character.
Dubbed - When a company pays English-speaking (or any language other than Japanese) voice actors to 'dub' over the Japanese voices for release.
Ecchi - A term typically used to describe anime, manga, fanfics, etc. that contain erotic fantasy and sexual innuendos.
Fan dub - A Fan Dub is the term used to describe videotapes, DVDs, or video files created by a group of volunteers who copy/download original Japanese anime shows, translate them, hire or provide actors (usually other volunteers) to provide voice cast for the characters, and then re-release. Typically only done with shows that have not been bought by Western companies. Depending on the country in which they are released, these releases are not typically legal.
Fanfic - short for "fan fiction": a story written by a fan involving either original characters or the show's own characters in the fan's own plot line.
Fan service - anything erotic or provocative added to a show merely to please the coarse audience. Example: a “convenient” camera angle that emphasis a female’s anatomy, a sudden unexplained event that rips off clothing, etc.
Fan sub - when a group of volunteers download original Japanese anime shows, translate them, and then re-release. Typically only done with shows that have not been bought by Western companies.
Hentai - Literally: "pervert." Typically used to describe media of a pornographic nature, but can basically describe any sexually descriptive fanfic, website, etc.
Japanimation (archaic) - another term for anime.
Lemons, Limes - fanfics with really descriptive sexual scenes.
Lolicon/Lolita - hentai/pornography featuring young girls.
Manga - Commonly compared to Japanese comic books, manga is the print form of anime. In fact, many anime originate from successful manga.
Mecha - a humongous robot with loads of weaponry and computer-stuff; often piloted by a skilled human. Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the more popular series of this genre.
Moe - Literally "budding." (Occasionally seen as Moé). This term is frequently misused, which has lead to a rather open-ended set of meanings. Originally moe referred to the "budding" feelings of affection the audience would develop for a character. Most widely used to refer to female characters that are presented in such a way as to cause the audience to become emotionally attached. For example, a cute young girl who is abused by older siblings.
OAV/OVA - original animated video/original video animation. Anime released (usually as sequels) on the at-home market. Similiar to Disney's direct-to-video releases.
Shotacon - hentai/pornography featuring young males.
Subbed - Short for Subtitled. When a company releases Anime with English captions and the original Japanese seiyuu/voice actors.
Super Deformed/SD - See Chibi.
Yaoi/(Bi)Shounen Ai - means "boy's love." When one or more characters are homosexual.
Yuri/Shoujo Ai - where a female character is lesbian.