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In 12 years...

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:25 pm
by Abassi
I never posted a single new thread. And my post count shows all the posting I did do 'back in the day' was done in the Goof Off and whatnot. It's quiet around here. Haven't been around in years and years but the place just, came to mind.

I hope a Youtube link is okay. This is from me to you, CAA (yeah I know I didn't create it or even upload it, but still!). This is, how it feels looking in here and seeing what I'm after such a long time.

Re: In 12 years...

PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:00 pm
by Bobtheduck
I think individual web-based discussion boards are dying out in general... Except for tech help boards, but those are almost universally terrible too. (can't tell you how many google searches for help topics turn up threads where people are told to "use google" Seriously pages and pages of this)

It's either going to be a facebook group or a subreddit, now. And that will change in 5 years, too.

Re: In 12 years...

PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:01 pm
by Abassi
Likely as not I'm out of the loop on all things 'internet', but I always got the impression that Reddit and similar things were just types of forums. There are topical ones and conglomerations that contain sub topics on specifics. What exactly IS the difference? And I ask the question sincerely, I--I clearly don't 'internet' all that much even now. Undoubtedly some of that comes from continuing to live in internet badlands, where the connection speed is, for modern needs anyway, basically worthless. I know OF things and places that stream stuff live, so I guess that's popular now. I dunno though, is it that the medium is dying or just that one medium on its own is no longer enough (which is probably what you were saying there). CAA would need a revamp, consistent video reviews, written reviews, living radio and streaming and whatnot, along with a revision of its forum structure to fit the more 'modern' mold. But that's a project, that's a big commitment. The core that once brought that sort of fervor to this site, they grew up and had things to do with themselves, the people that came after lived on in the embers of that fire for some time but...rather sadly like some churches I know, no new vanguard ever stepped up. Not here anyway. Maybe they took it with them, started other groups in other areas of the wide web. Which is fine, good even, but it's hard to see this place where it stands now. Not that I'm much of one to talk, I left, but I was never really here to start with, not much of a contributor. I'll make my excuse of having severe anxiety back in the day, my low post count is from always being afraid to 'talk', took a long time to inch through some of that.

I've never booked the faces. From what I've observed, people seem to find facebook either a necessity for life or the worst thing they never leave, usually both. I read stuff on reddit now and then (almost exclusively D&D advice and ideas) but that's the extent of the exposure. Gotta say I've not found as much issues with tech stuff as you have! At least with Linux related information, those forums are usually very helpful (though I had to work on a security camera system a while back and yeah, I can see how 'non-answers' tend to be the order of the day for some things).

Well, anyway. I look on here and feel like it shouldn't be this way, that it doesn't have to be, but who am I to say? I don't even care very much for anime anymore (nothing against anime, I'll probably enjoy it again in a few years).

CAA will always hold a dear place in my heart though. I met people here that are now my best friends, we've been friends for a long, long time. It's crazy. CAA opened the door for that at a time in my youth when I desperately needed it. Heck, the people here named my cat! She's still going strong, she'll be 12 next month. So, thanks for that CAA and all its members.

Re: In 12 years...

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:00 am
by alma
Thanks for opening your heart, Abassi. I also became more busy with life and whatnot. I am not online as much anymore, so I understand your view and comment. Many times God uses different instruments in our lives according to what we need, and CAA is a blessing place in the whole wide web that helped us grow and change. I hope to keep coming back, once in a while, too.