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Postby seasons » Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:37 pm

It's really hard to find an active anime forum that's not half-focused on trolling and nonsense. This one looks promising so I thought I'd give it a try. I love all the different subforums. Each looks interesting and everyone here seems friendly, so I'm looking forward to getting to spending some time here.

My favorite animes are Evangelion, Naruto, Haibane Renmei, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist, FLCL and His & Her Circumstances.

I make AMVs and have a blog. Other than that I'm really busy with school but still try to find time to watch anime every week.

I love Jesus but I struggle with my faith. It's really complicated and I don't know how to go into it right now. I've had some bad experiences with the church but I won't go into details about it now (I'm not sure this forum is the place for airing out grievances or starting debates, not that I especially want to, anyway). I will say that it's encouraging to find a place with Christians open-minded enough to enjoy this hobby without passing immediate judgement on it.

I'd put more effort into this post but it's really late and I have class in the morning. Anyway, thanks for reading!
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Postby rocklobster » Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:27 am

Oh cool, a fellow blogger! Link, please?
:hug: Welcome to CAA!
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Postby seasons » Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:50 am

Here you go:

Oh yeah, my AMVs can be found here:
"Labor Days" is probably NSFW (language) and maybe not for everyone here.

Also, great to see another anime fan in their thirties! :thumb:
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Postby goldenspines » Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:47 am

Seasons' greetings! =D

Hello and a warm welcome to you. I hope you enjoy it here. ^_^
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Postby skreyola » Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:55 pm

Welcome aboard!
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Postby anlptgtsg » Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:01 pm

Welcome to the world of CAA:n_n:
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Postby Vilo159 » Thu Sep 27, 2012 5:43 pm

Good day to ya, seasons, and welcome to the CAA! :thumb:
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Postby shooraijin » Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:30 pm

Welcome. There are quite a few of us in the over-30 crowd, actually.
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Postby Furen » Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:48 pm

Hey, welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your time here!
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Postby Yami » Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:07 am

Welcome to the site!

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Postby metolosophy » Sat Sep 29, 2012 7:47 am

'Ello, mate~! Welcome! ^L^
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Postby Wolfsong » Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:13 pm

Hey Seasons! Welcome aboard!
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Thank you. Have a good day.
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Postby eightluvver888 » Sun Sep 30, 2012 6:16 pm

Welcome, seasons!
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Postby Lilac#18 » Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:51 pm

[color="Plum"]Hi, seasons.:n_n:[/color]
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Postby seasons » Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:45 pm

thanks for the warm welcome everybody
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