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Anybody interested in using software like vieoskip/clearplay?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 4:00 pm
by neon_centimane
So I am a big fan of anime, and I think that for some people, technology like videoskip( or related software might be a useful technology, especially for showing anime to friends and family but with the "embarrassing" bits cut out. Anybody interested in trying to collect .skp files for these or something? I could help if anybody wants some for one-punch-man, trigun, or gundam Build fighters seasons 1-2. I personally would be much obliged if someone could make some real quick for Redline, or less likely, JJBA.

I haven't had much success with other software, but videoskip seems to work on chrome for me.

P.S, for Redline I am mostly worried about the nudity, the other parts don't really bother me. For specific scenes to cut, there is a list of stuff here: ... tt_stry_pg
The movie is free on tubi, which is also free I beleive, which is here: ... oogle-feed