Battleship done in Python.

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Battleship done in Python.

Postby LecktheTech » Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:58 pm

This is a text-based version of Battleship. It's coded in python, and is still being worked on. Any version up here should not have any major crashes, but may have bugs. Suggestions are currently what I'm hunting for here.
Anything that has a python distribution should run this. I'm using 3.4, but the IDLE I'm coding in requires 2.7 syntax, so it should be good.
Just run the script anywhere. If you need to install python, then read this.
Known bugs:
None so far
Work left to do:
Code and implement a text front-end and increase the length of the ships.
Oh, I didn't forget the link to the script, that's just some work left to do.
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