The Church series

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The Church series

Postby Zeke365 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:32 pm

Part 1

This will be a blog post of messages the Lord has given me over the years hope you all enjoy.

Do You ever trouble reading the bible, I'm sure you do. Pastors always say you need to read your bible but its seems to drain you than actually enjoy it. Now I know some of you like the study bibles as well but the best answer I can give to you is find a bible that speaks directly to you. It should not matter what translation it is as long as it speaks directly to you. Read the the bible and see if you will enjoy it if you not gonna enjoy the bible don't read it meaning if your just buying for the sake of buying.
I'm gonna share a testimony I had 2 years ago. I was slightly reading the NIV bible when I prayed to God that I wanted a bible that read like a novel but was still accurate to His original translation. I don't know how many months after but I was going between The Voice Bible and The Common English Bible. I read Genesis to see if I was going to continue reading it. The Common English bible I like because of some the wording but how the represented Christ in that bible bothered me. So I read the Voice and at the time only the New testament was out. I started reading it was exactly what I was looking for. Now I read a chapter a day every morning in the Voice bible and whats really interesting is that it gives some history and thoughts about each book and spread through out. Plus the The Voice Bible has both the old and new testaments as well. Pray which bible is for you and look for them in Christian book stores and if you find the right one you want share with world.

I like to mention also when you have the right bible you can't but help share with the world because you understand the bible so clearly that very true for me when I take the voice bible I will let others read it see what they think spreading the gospel through a bible you love.
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