An Alternate Voyage (Space Western)

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An Alternate Voyage (Space Western)

Postby teen4truth » Thu Nov 13, 2014 6:51 pm

Alright. So. I'm a traveler, so I blog. Aaaand recently I decided to start a fictional blog that parallels the real one but is an alternate universe on post-apocalyptic earth.

In real life, I'm currently doing archaeology. In that one, I'm hunting aliens. :cool:

Each post will probably only be about 1000 words, not as long as a chapter in an actual novel will be. You can go to the overall blog for each in my sig but I will post specific blog posts here. If you don't have time to read both, just read the alternate one and give me feedback on that! :thumb:

So here is the post corresponding with chapter one:
And here is chapter one:

Chapters two and three both go with the same normal blog so I"ll post them together when I do chap three. Kind of been procrastinating :sweat:
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I blog about my adventures as a traveler here:
I blog about my adventures as an alien hunting cowgirl in a parallel universe here:
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