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You Were Gone

PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 5:01 pm
by Wolfsong
I turned a corner and saw a face
Ghostly shadows of our yesterdays
I try so hard to forget you
You who left me alone by the ways
You passed on, you left me behind
I loved you, I breathed you in
I thought it would last forever
The void filled, my battles win

but you left me

I tried so hard to let you go
But my heart can never forget
The pain of seeing you again
The measure of joy is met

With trembling hands I reach for you
You smile and turn away
I cry out but you walk from me
My grasp meets nothing and I sway
My heart contracts, my eyes grow wide
My hand retreats and I start to cry
I should have known, too good to be true
You vanish as you'd never been

You were gone