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Oh wow...

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 3:09 pm
by Naga Kisaki
Oh my gosh. This is so great, I've been searching for a site just like this! I'll post some of mmy work ASAP. ANd again, this is wonderful!

Ashley wrote:Hey everyone, just some quick guidelines for this new board. Oh, and if we find a story violates them, we will take it down immediately and then come talk to you privately about it. But, I trust you guys, so we shouldn't have any problems. If after reading these you still feel you have something questionable, I'd encourage you to pray about it and come talk to me about it.

You can either post your story as an attachment or copy-and-paste]Anime-based stuff (fanfics, etc.):[/b]
1. Absolutely NO hentai whatsoever.
2. As this is a Christian site, there will be NO fics dealing with homosexuality; this means absolutely none of Utena, etc. Shows like Sailor Moon (where it's hinted at but not really said), we'd prefer if you didn't write about, but it is ok. Just please don't even hint at it. If you want to write that two characters are just friends-and only friends-that's ok. If you're unsure about something PLEASE just ask one of us to read over it; I promise we won't bite your head off.
3. This is a PG-rated site, so please watch the language and the violence. Now, the writer in me COMPLETELY understands if you're character's really worldly or angry, sometimes "fiddlesticks" just won't cut it. But please remember we do have a lot of younger members here, so try to tone it down as much as possible, or at least make some sort of warning about it. Again, if you're unsure, just ask any of us and we'll be happy to help out.

Basically same as above. No homosexuality, watch the language and violence, and generally just remember who and how old your audience may be.

Of course comments are allowed to be made. Keep it constructive, and remember that it takes a lot out of you to write, and many of these stories have the author's heart and soul in them, so to speak.