Holy Wars

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Holy Wars

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Holy Wars
Chapter one

"All is darkness, for there is nothing that exists without me. And I have yet to create."

"Time is non existent, for I live in eternity. There are no days, no years. The concept of passage of time is yet in My mind, but no other has experienced it, for there are no others."

"I can create all. Anything may be my wish, mine to possess, mine to behold..."

"But what joy is there in creation without sharing?....."

"...all that ever will be, begins with Me, NOW!!"

Then the void became essense, and The Speaker of Worlds wrought the first life, life to life with Him, and to share in whatever new things may become...

He named them Elves, His heavenly messengers, entertainers, warriors...His friends.

As they watched, He created vast universes, filled them with planets and living beings.

Some of the Elves wondered if they too had the power to create, since they were His gifted, first children.

"Only one who was not created is truly able to create. But yours is the gift of sharing, i will give you anything your hearts desire."

Unfortunately, this answer was not satifactory for all of the Elves.
A certain few were determined to make creations by their own power.
They experimented on the living beings that The Creator had made. But when He showed his displeasure with their deeds they stopped. Then the Elves turned their attention to the void, the non-essense from wich they themselves had been drawn. Here they found a vast source not only of material to twist into their own makings, but also an endless source of energy upon wich they lived.
But the darkness of the void could not really fill them, for the void is emptyness. And in time, they changed into deformed beings. Then the Dark Elves renamed themselves as Orks.
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