Welcome to the Christian Anime Alliance!

If you're here, you're probably wondering what this "anime" thing is that's sweeping the nation so quickly. It's in our bookstores, our video stores, and on our TVs now--it seems this veritable tsunami of animation is washing over America. But more importantly, you would probably also like to know a little bit more about some of the messages presented, why it's such a huge industry in America now, or just more about anime in general. Perhaps one of your children or your children's friends are getting excited about anime, and you feel a little skeptical about it.

This is where we'd like to help. At CAA, we fully support the right and responsibility of parents to have a say in what their children watch. But we also believe that decision should come from an informed perspective, and we'd like to help you in making those decisions for your children, and for yourself by providing clear, concise unbiased reviews and articles of specific interest to parents.

We hope this page has been helpful to you, and we're always ready to hear your thoughts, comments, or suggestions. Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions or comments.

In Christ's Love, Ashley
Founder & Administrator in Chief