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How to Increase Topics of Interest (Tips and Tricks)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:42 pm
by Furen
In celebration of this post being the 900th topic, I thought I would continue being meta for a moment to have a chance to celebrate this occasion with fun tips and tricks to think through.

Do you want to expand your horizons and enjoy learning about new things? I love learning new things. Here are some tips and tricks

1. Meet other people
Choosing to learn what they care about helps to show what things you can enjoy. This summer, I am living with a woman who loves quilting. I have decided to learn about quilting and have found that quilting can be quite exciting.

2. Wander creative YouTube channels
This is similar to meeting other people. Watching people excitedly create pearler art or drawing can help to cause excitement in you and give you more ideas

3. Just try things
That's really all there is to a lot of increasing topics of interest. Try things out. See what you can do.

Be aware that having too many hobbies will burn you out. See which hobbies cost a lot, and which ones cost a little. Those things help to determine things that are of equal enjoyment.