Spear Fishing in a River

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Spear Fishing in a River

Postby Mister » Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:05 pm

So Aside from my intrest in metal working, i'm also getting into Spear Fishing. But not the modern kind that requires diving, and spear guns. My Lienage is Partialy American indiana on both sides. Cherokee. That and i'm a great fan of books that are written fictionaly about the settlement of our great country, (America). So by relation to these two facts i am also intrested in some of the lifestyles of those before us.

This brings me to my point, as the thread title states, i want to learn to go Spear Fishing in a river. But i do not know where a good area would be. Most rivers in my area (Indiana/Ohio) are muddy, or at least murky.

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