Space shooter, play sound, angle function and layouts

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Space shooter, play sound, angle function and layouts

Postby nattsurfaren » Sun May 08, 2011 10:35 am

Scirra construct tutorial how to create a simple space shooter. You can create this game withing 20 minutes even if you're not a skilled game developer. It has some lacking like no score or sound but as a tutorial demo it is ok I hope.

Files for this tutorial

This was made in request from one of my youtube visitor that had problem with the sound. The video demonstrates how to create a simple game sample that plays a sound when an object collide with another object.

Files for this tutorial:

Tutorial about how to use the Angle function.
Totally for beginners so I must warn sensitive experts of disturbing video scenes.

Files for this tutorial:
This is the demo cap for really lazy people.

Preview of my work with layout tutorial

Download the full tutorial here:

The tutorial teach you the basics of using layouts and how you can use events to switch them. It also shows how objects are treated amongs the layouts and a little bit how the global checkbox works.
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