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help with a paper that i am writing can you give me some pointers on the paper

PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:34 pm
by timothy
The new girl

While I was walking home one day something dramatic happened. A girl from my school just came up and kissed me. Then she ran home and left me there just as shocked as can be. I did not talk at all on the walk home first because of how shocked I was and second was because I hardly even remembered the walk home. So apparently I ran or did something because it only took me five minutes to get home. I got home and went straight to my bedroom got on my bed and just laid there looking up at the ceiling. Well to tell you the truth I was thinking about……….WAIT! Let us go back to the beginning shall we?
It all started in Culver Oregon out about in town on the date of January 19, 2011. The thing is that I thought it would just be a normal day, but little did I know everything would change today. When I went outside I caught the bus. When I got on the bus I sat by my best friend Austin Scott. We started to talk about what we would do after school and what new things we figured out. Eventually we got to school but then the bus driver said “uh-oh I forgot a kid we got to go back really quick to pick the new kid up onâ€