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Kindle on the fritz

PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:08 pm
by Htom Sirveaux
I bought an Amazon Kindle 2 about a week ago, and it's been working fine up to last night, when it wouldn't turn on. No green light at the power switch, nothing. I'm sure it didn't need recharged, but I plugged it in anyway. Didn't help. Now I'm at least getting a light when I hit the power switch, it sort of blinks on for a moment, then off again. Still no picture, though. I've heard this is a fairly common problem with Kindles, and I think there's a way to fix it but I'm not sure how. Anyone else here have a Kindle and ran into this problem?

Nevermind. I fixed it. Or it fixed itself. Or something. It works now. If you own or are planning on getting a Kindle, this may happen sooner or later. Don't let it freak you out.