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Help/advice with a facebook page.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 9:07 pm
by WhiteMage212
Hi everyone^•^

Well I'm making a facebook page for my local homeschool band( the band director isn't to tech savy). So I need some help and advice on. What I can do and stuff like that. Such as: Can I use my own fonts(such as helvetica) when making the page; what is the difference between a fan page and a business page; How do Admins work?(wanted to know how adding admins worked); what kinda of things can I do with the page; keeping the page up-to-date; etc.(I'll probably ask for more stuff later). Oh and if you want to take a look at my homeschool band then here is the link:
also, what type of page would be best to create for a band of the size of a school band(moderate sized)? one more thing, does the music player work on all types of business pages?

well thanks for reading and I hope you guys can help me make the page awesome! ^_^

P.S. Do you think the email: OrangeCoastMusicalArts@ is too long? Just needed an opinion as I make a email address for the band. Anyway, God bless!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:30 pm
by Kaligraphic
Facebook pages are just a different kind of profile on Facebook. You use the regular FB fonts. Fan and business pages are the same thing, but there are different categories of page (like "business" or "service"). If somebody is an admin, they can edit anything on the page, and if they post on the page wall or comment on a post there, FB shows that as coming from the page itself. Also, admins can add or remove other admins, so be careful who you set as an admin. The one exception is that nobody can remove the admin who created the page.

As for music players, that may change soon as FB will be doing away with profile boxes. You may end up restricted to full tab music players. (Yeah, it kind of sucks that they're doing that, but there's not much we can do except be ready.)

Also, are you thinking to use OrangeCoastMusicalArts@ on your own domain, or on something like gmail?

In any case, feel free to contact me if you have other questions. I'm working on jumpstarting my church's FB page, so I may be able to help you.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 10:40 pm
by WhiteMage212
I'm using OrangeCoastMusicalArts@ for a gmail account for whatever the director may need it for. Though I and the director will have access to it.