Life Tutorials: How to Drink Water.

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Life Tutorials: How to Drink Water.

Postby Furen » Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:37 pm

Water is a most serious subject. Water is a vital part of every human experience. But not everyone has mastered the art of drinking true refreshing water in it's proper form.

Step 1
Find a glass, plastic cup, styrofoam cup, or whatever else holds water that you don't mind putting your lips against.

Step 2
Find a faucet, lake, local grocery store, water fountain, or whatever your prefered method is

Step 3
Fill the container

Step 4
Sip casually.

For bonus steps, adding ice can cool down the drink greatly and add a crisp freshness.
Alternatives are buying water bottles, but the cost quickly makes this a lesser option.

Happy dihydrogen monoxide consumption. Stay fresh. Until next time.

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