Annoucement, Naruto to End in 5 Chapters at Nov 10th.

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Annoucement, Naruto to End in 5 Chapters at Nov 10th.

Postby Rzerox21xx » Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:48 am

well Naruto will be ending in 5 chapters, which is 5 weeks, part of me thinks, it's about time, it needed to end on a high note, the other part will miss it. the anime adaption is still has a long way to go and the new movie called " the Last" will probably serve as a epilogue as a special occasion to be canon by the orginal author. Athough the last chapter will be 699. I believe there will be a special 700 that will be exclusively on the last graphic novel volume 72. ... e-episodes
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Re: Annoucement, Naruto to End in 5 Chapters at Nov 10th.

Postby CinniScrib » Mon Oct 06, 2014 3:20 pm

I really hope there is a special given we only have 5 chapters/weeks left there is a lot to cover for the FINAL battle. It's been a long ride and of course it's an action manga, don't expect much with romance... but I hope it's resolved for some of the couples like Sakura and Hinata. They've been sidelined long enough though Sakura needs to get over Sasuke, it's such an unhealthy infatuation.

I agree with "the Last" probably going to serve as an expanded epilogue. It would make sense to round the series off with a chapter 700 and not leave it at 699. If anything I'm sure the movie/ch 700 will be a time skip or have on the last few pages a timeskip if we don't get that in the last chapter 699.

It's been a long hull with ups and downs, I just want to see how it ends and I just hope it's true to the series.

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